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It’s Time to Take it on: What is Pancreatic Cancer?

It’s not often talked about, the big ‘C’…But in today’s society almost everyone will likely become personally acquainted with cancer, whether it’s with family, friends or ourselves.  Age is a huge risk factor when it comes to cancer, with over 60% of those battling with cancer aged 65 and over.  However, pancreatic cancer is often
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What to Gift Your Friends This Christmas

Christmas isn’t far off now, and if you’re like me and leave your shopping till the last minute, have a read through my guide for inspiration what to get your best girlfriends. I will cover anything from make-up and beauty gifts to lifestyle and interior, and it won’t even break the bank!   Lush Gift
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Why Should I Try Meditation This Year

We all have hectic lifestyles and sometimes it can be a difficult task to switch off. Especially at night. I can t tell you how many times I have been lying in bed staring at the ceiling because it is such a hard job to switch your brain off at night. That was last month.
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