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Tips to Conceal or Remove Warts

Warts are something that happen to a lot of us, at times these warts can be in prominent areas where we ideally wou ld not like them to be. This article will hopefully help you understand your warts and give you tips and advice on concealing them and the option to remove them. What are
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5 Things Every Girl Should Have in her Handbag

All girls have a favourite handbag which contains everything they need to take on the world that day. From umbrellas to your favourite perfume, our products within our handbag keep us organised and prepared for whatever life throws at us. That’s why we’ve created our practical list of 5 things every 21st century girl needs
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7 of the Best Body Scrubs

Here at PixieKeepsake we know the importance of a daily skin routine and we want to share this knowledge with the world so we decided to compile a list of our favourite skin care products for your to browse at your leisure. Exfoliation is an important part of any skin care routine. Old skin cells
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