What to Gift Your Friends This Christmas

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Christmas isn’t far off now, and if you’re like me and leave your shopping till the last minute, have a read through my guide for inspiration what to get your best girlfriends. I will cover anything from make-up and beauty gifts to lifestyle and interior, and it won’t even break the bank!


Lush Gift Set


Every year at Christmas time, Lush comes up with the most amazing gift sets. Obviously, you can buy the bath bombs, soaps and masks separately, but part of the fun is the beautiful box it comes in. Lush caters to all budgets, gifts start from £10.50 and up. Most boxes range from £30-£50, with the most expensive one coming in at a whopping £250. Alternatively, buy your favourite masks, bubble bars and bath bombs separately and design your own gift packs for your friends. Not only do Lush products smell amazing, they are cruelty-free and environmentally conscious.


Concrete Planter & Candle Lights


One of the best latest lifestyle and interior trends is the appearance of concrete inspired plant pots and candle lights. Often, the rustic concrete is paired with metallic accents, like a pattern in rose gold, gold or silver paint. It suits any interior and it will make for a stylish gift. The best thing about this trend: it’s everywhere! A wide range of high-street shops sell them, meaning you can find one for every budget. For smaller planters and candle lights, hit up Primark. They sell concrete candles with a rose gold heart for example. Online shop Not On The Highstreet also has a nice range, including these from The Little Boys Room:



Luxury Flowers & Gift Boxes



If you want to surprise your friend with something special for Christmas, but you’re not able to see them before the holiday, why not send them a great gift by post? There are now many services that offer gift sets by post, including Bloom Magic. You can send your friend, or family, a luxury bouquet by post and can also include a vase and chocolates to complete your gift. I like them as they offer beautiful and vibrant bouquets that are just a little different than the ones you find at other flower delivery companies.


Make-Up Gifts



You can never go wrong with a beautiful gift set with amazing beauty brands. At this time of year, the shops absolutely explode with make-up gift sets and I absolutely love it. I thoroughly enjoy websites like House of Fraser or Mac Cosmetics. House of Fraser has a wide range of different brands and if you do some good hunting, you can find some phenomenal deals including Benefit gift sets. Mac Cosmetics also come out with some great kits, including the Snow Ball Mini Lipstick Kit which comes in a variety of shades. They also have other Snow Ball products, like a glitter it and eye compact, all for very affordable prices!

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