5 Things Every Girl Should Have in her Handbag

Posted by admin on August 30, 2017 in Body Care, Make Up

All girls have a favourite handbag which contains everything they need to take on the world that day. From umbrellas to your favourite perfume, our products within our handbag keep us organised and prepared for whatever life throws at us. That’s why we’ve created our practical list of 5 things every 21st century girl needs in her handbag.

Blister Plasters

We’ve all been through the arduous process of breaking in a new pair of shows, it’s painful! Whether you have just bought a new pair of shoes or not, when you’re on the go all day, you will inevitably get a blister now and again. Having a packet of blister plasters in your handbag could save you a lot of pain and discomfort and also prevent an infection starting. Compeed are the most famous blister plasters. Most pharmacies will also have their own brands which are equally as good.


Make sure you are prepared for an unexpected meeting or night out by carrying a good lippy in your bag. Lipstick instantly adds a dash of colour to your face and can make you look like you’ve completely redone your make up. If you want to be super organised you could keep a day and evening lipstick in your bag so you really are prepared for any event. Mac have a great range of long lasting lipsticks in a range of colours, perfect if you like to change up your lipstick, depending on where you are going.


Tampons are an essential in any girls handbag. Although most people know where they are in their cycle, periods have a bad habbit of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. Make sure you are prepared for the unexpected and have a good two or three tampons in your handbag at all times. What is more, there are now a number of tampons on the market with beautiful packaging, revolutionising the way we see tampons like the new Femme tampons which have been aided by branding experts Pearlfisher to create a designer tampon for modern women.

Blotting Paper

Most girls who are on the go a lot don’t have time to make sure their makeup is looking good and shine free. If you have been running around all day or it’s a warm day you may inevitably end up a little shiny. It’s not a nice feeling yet there is no need to run to the bathroom to wash your face or apply copious amounts of powder, blotting paper is a very handy alternative that instantly absorbs any excess oil from your face to allow you to get on with your day.

Healthy Snack

Make sure you keep your energy levels up and avoid those late afternoon cravings for junk food by keeping a healthy snack in your hand bag. The health food industy is booming and there are plenty of healthy snacks now which don’t taste like you are eating bird food. Graze have a number of superb snacks which can slot handily into your handbag or keep it old school with an apple or banana.

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