Our Favourite 2017 Perfumes

Posted by admin on July 7, 2017 in Make Up

Tell me one girl who doesn’t love perfume? Whether you love sweet smells, citrus fragrances or beautiful florals is your choice but we are obsessed with all perfumes which is why we decided to compile this list of or favourites that are on the market this year.

Miu Miu

This is a fresh fragrance that is instantly recognisable. It is packed full of greenery, lilies and other stunning floral fragrances. It launched in 2016 but it is still winning awards today. This is a perfume for every day use so you can easily wear it to the office as well as out to lunch with the girls. It comes in at around £70 for 50ml.


Jo Malone London

This fragrance has been said to be influenced by historical figures in writing and the arts known as The Bloomsbury Set. This perfume smells almost bohemian in nature. You will instantly recognise subtle hints of garden lilies and vanilla. Maybe save this one for going out to dinner. You can pick up a bottle for £46 for 30ml.



This fragrance is fronted by actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie. This ahs almost a “woody” smell to it. You will definitely detect hints on jasmine, lavender, vanilla and sandalwood. You can pick up a bottle of Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum for £68 per 50ml.



We love Byredo here at Pixie Keepsakes but unfortunately this is the most expensive fragrance on our list but it is amazing. You will smell a distinct but subtle blend of vanilla, leather, peony, violet, peach and plum with this fragrance. This is a bottle for special occasions. You don’t went to waste this one swaning around the office. It comes in at £150 for 100ml but trust us it is worth every single penny. A truly stunning fragrance that will stop your partner in their tracks.

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